是一項網絡安全服務,用於檢查短鏈接是否存在網絡釣魚、詐騙、病毒和其他威脅。 如果您有自己的 URL 縮短器,您可以提交請求以啟用此保護系統,以確保訪問者的網絡防禦。 還為銀行、在線商店、市場等提供主動威脅情報。 checks the short link you follow for cyber security. is a cybersecurity service that checks short links for phishing, scams, viruses, and other network threats. If you have your own URL shortener, you can submit a request to enable this protecting system to ensure the cyber defence of your visitors. also offers proactive threat intelligence for banks, online stores, marketplaces, etc.