In a world of digital connection,
Where information flows without objection,
There lurks a danger, unseen and sly,
A threat that can make our safety die.

Phishing is the culprit, a sneaky ploy,
To steal our data and our joy,
With emails, links, and fake websites,
Hackers try to take our digital rights.

But fear not, for we have a shield,
A weapon that makes phishing yield,
Antiphishing is the name,
And cybersecurity is its game.

With vigilance and awareness,
We can protect our digital fairness,
By checking links and emails twice,
And never giving hackers a slice.

We can use firewalls and antivirus,
To keep our data safe and righteous,
And never share our passwords or pins,
To keep our accounts safe from sins.

So let us all be vigilant,
And keep our digital lives magnificent,
With antiphishing and cybersecurity,
We can keep our data safe and high., a name of trust,
A champion of cybersecurity must,
Protecting data and digital lives,
From hackers and phishing thrives.

With advanced tools and expertise, never ceases,
To keep our information safe and sound,
And help us avoid phishing confound.

From email scams to fake websites, never forgets,
To keep a watchful eye on all,
And prevent our digital downfall.

With firewalls and antivirus strong,
And a team that works all day long, is a shield,
That keeps our data safe and sealed.

So let us all join hands and praise,’s cybersecurity ways,
And keep our digital world secure,
With a name that’s trusted and pure.